10 models for a trendy interior

Nothing like a mirror Maisons du Monde to dress up your wall and bring a decorative touch to your room. For the bedroom, the office or the living room, it’s the detail that will make all the difference.

Discover our selection of Maisons du Monde mirrors to perfect your decor.

Mirror Maisons du Monde Paris apartment

Which Maisons du Monde mirror should you choose for your interior design?

The mirror is an essential element in interior decoration. Indeed, it can bring several advantages to your room.

By reflecting natural light, the mirror makes the room look bigger than it actually is. This can be especially useful in small spaces to create a feeling of openness and light.

Moreover, according to the principles of Feng Shui, mirrors can be used to rebalance the energy of a room. Their reflective side allows energy to be diffused in dark areas, or to deviate the flow of negative energy. By using mirrors strategically, you will be able to promote a positive and harmonious atmosphere in your living space.

To choose your mirror well, we advise you to think about these different points:

  • what style would you like for your mirror: classic, modern, industrial, vintage, design?
  • where do you want to install it: in a corridorin a bedroom, in the bathroom or in your living room?
  • What dimensions can you start from so that the mirror can best adapt to this space?
  • what budget can you allocate to this object? The advantage of Maisons du Monde mirrors is that they are available at all prices. You can easily find a cheap mirror, but also a larger piece which will therefore be more expensive. In fact, there is something for everyone!

The Maisons du Monde Omera mirror

A true best-seller among the collection of mirror Maisons du MondeOmera is a big favourite.

This very large golden mirror will enhance any interior. We particularly like its aged finish which gives it a lot of authenticity!

Large old golden mirror
Old style Maisons du Monde mirror
Old black mirror

Antique mirrors have a knack for bringing a touch of character to any…

Kenya black metal organic mirror

Mirrors with organic shapes are on the rise, and we understand why: their contemporary lines make them a very beautiful decorative object. If you want to bring a touch of contrast to your wall, the mirror Maisons du Monde Kenya is made for you.

Mirror Houses of the World
Mirror Maisons du Monde modern

Gunnar gold metal organic mirror

Same spirit but completely different style: the mirror Maisons du Monde Gunnar is adorned with a beautiful golden finish, perfect for enhancing the most beautiful interiors. We will particularly like it on a duck blue wall!

Organic shape mirror
Organic shape mirror

The Figaria mirror

Generous dimensions, a trendy finish: the mirror Maisons du Monde Figaria is perfect for bringing a hint of retro style. We also like the fact that it is in the shape of an arch, it brings a lot of softness!

Vintage style mirror
Mirror Houses of the World
Vintage style mirror
Mirror Maisons du Monde vintage style

A true icon of contemporary interiors, the arched mirror is a decorative must-have. We…

Faustin industrial-style Maisons du Monde mirror

With its resolutely industrial style, the Maisons du Monde Faustin mirror is a nugget that will never age. In addition to that, its large dimensions will offer a beautiful perspective in your room.

Mirror Maisons du Monde industrial style
Mirror Maisons du Monde industrial style

The 3 Maisons du Monde Apaja mirrors

Perfect for dressing the top of a console or sideboard, the trio of fishing mirrors will bring style to your interior.

black mirror
Triptych of mirrors

The Maisons du Monde Borrello mirror

A real nugget, the miroir Borrello is resolutely original in its geometric shape. It will easily find its place in a contemporary interior or in the Japandi style.

Mirror Maisons du Monde style Japandi
Mirror Maisons du Monde style Japandi

The Magellan sun mirror from Maisons du Monde

The sun mirror is a great classic in interior decoration. The Magellan model from Maisons du Monde will seduce you thanks to its beautiful golden finish, but also for its convex effect which reminds us of the delicious witch’s eye mirrors.

Golden sun mirror
Golden sun mirror

The 3 Shelton tinted mirrors

We fall for the originality of the three mirrors Maisons du Monde Shelton ! With their pretty curves and their tinted finish (classic, gray and smoked), this trio will immediately bring charm to the room!

Mirror Houses of the World
Mirror Houses of the World

Gabriella round wooden mirror

With its wooden finish, the Gabriella round mirror is a must-have for a successful interior. Its pretty line brings softness and harmony to all the rooms of the house.

Round mirror Maisons du Monde
round mirror

For some time now, the round mirror has invaded our interiors. He dresses our walls with…

Featured image: the Marina golden mirror trio.

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