The first day of yesterday’s Grand Rally of Madagascar was dominated by the Rasoamaromaka twins. Faniry and Mika each signed a scratch.

The Rasoamaromaka brothers go on the offensive. The Faniry Rasoamaromaka-Mahenintsoa Randriambololona crew, at the wheel of a Peugeot 208 T16, finished in pole position at the end of the first day of the 44th edition of the Grand Rally of Madagascar Vidy Varotra. This three-day rally counts for the second round of the Madagascar championship. Faniry completed the two special stages at Ankafotra, each 8.87km long there and back, in 11’59.6. The crew achieved the scratch of the second SS in 5’56.7 while they finished second in the first SS. “I am happy with the result. We managed because the track was slippery. The car suffered a little. What’s more, I’m used to the Clio and I had to familiarize myself with the P208 for a while,” says Faniry. The 2021 national champion, Mika Rasoamaromaka co-driven by Fabrice Rasata-Herindraibe in a Peugeot 206, is in second position (+0:02.9). Mika won SS1 (5’58.8) and followed his brother on the second special. “Everything was going well on the first special. The left rear transmission broke in second ES (…) Accustomed to driving the Clio, with an assisted braking system, driving the 206 requires more physical effort, but it will be fine”, underlines, for his part, Mika.

Promising second day

The winning crew of the previous edition, Fréderic Rabekoto-Mick Ratrimoarinosy driving a Subaru Impreza, completed the podium (+0:17.1). “I try to find the rhythm little by little. The track is a little powdery and we had to be careful”, says Fred, winner of the inaugural rally of the season. The young Aro Kiady Rajemison on Subaru finished at the foot of the podium. “The turbine has overheated, but it doesn’t matter,” regrets Aro Kiady, ranked third in the first national round. And the reigning Madagascar champion crew, Mathieu Andrianjafy-Andry Tahina Rakotomalala driving a Subaru finished in fifth place (+0:45.2). “We crossed the finish line on the first day. We missed a crossing. Otherwise the car is fine”, reassures, for his part, Mathieu. Twenty-seven crews out of the thirty-three starters yesterday were classified at the end of the first day. Three abandonments have already been recorded. Nothing is decided yet, ten special stages are still on the competitors’ menu, four for this Saturday and six on Sunday.

1-Faniry-Mahents (Peugeot 208 T16) 11:59,6
2-Mika-Rasata (Peugeot 206) +0:02.9
3-Frederic-Mick (Subaru Impreza) +0 :17,1
4-Aro Kiady-Fanja (Subaru Impreza) +0:34,6
5-Mathieu-Andry Tahina (Subaru) +0:45,2
6-Dani-Irdonen (Subaru) +0:46,4
7-Yan-Willy (X3 XRS Turbo R) +0:57,6
8-Tahina-Rojo Raben (Subaru Impreza WRX STI) +1:07,1
9-Yves Mau-Rina (Mitsubishi Evo X) +1:31,8
10-Ando Anthony-Kevyn (Peugeot 309 16S) +1:38,6
Friday June 16
12:18 (ES1) Ankafotra «D»-Ankafotra «G» (8,87km)
14:58 (ES2) Ankafotra «G»-Ankafotra «D» (8,87km)
Saturday June 17
9:58km (ES3) Ambohimarina-Kilembalemba 1 (36.22km)
10:57 (ES4) Anjanadoria-Tsitiavorondamba 1 (13.75km)
13:37 (ES5) Ambohimarina-Kilembalemba 2 (36.22km)
14:36 ​​(ES6) Anjanadoria-Tsitiavorondamba 2 (13.75km)
Sunday June 18
7:37 (ES7) Tsitiavorondamba- Anjanadoria 1 (13.75km)
8:02 (ES8) Ankilamena-Tetezambato 1 (19.81km)
8:38 (ES9) EPP Ambalamanga-Ambohimarina 1 (14.19km)
10:31 (ES10) Tsitiavorondamba- Anjanadoria 2 (13.75km)
10:56 (ES11) Ankilamena-Tetezambato 2 (19.81km)
11:32 (ES12) EPP Ambalamanga-Ambohimarina 2 (14.19km)

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