A fierce competition between the leading four for the two tickets to the adult division

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The conflict is limited to the twenty-ninth round of the national professional championship for the clubs of the second division of football, between four teams on the two cards to advance to the League of Lights, and it is related to each of the leaders, Setad Al-Maghribi, Youssoufia Berchid, Nahdet Al-Zmamra, and Saree Wadi Zam Al-Mustaqeen, where only four points separate the owner of the position. The first (49 n) and the fourth rank (45 n).

The matches, which will all start tomorrow afternoon, Saturday, starting at 17:00, in order to avoid any manipulation of the results, will witness a strong summit between the two neighbors, Moroccan Setad, the leader of the competition with 49 points, and the Association of Sale, who ranks 13th with 31 points, on the grounds of Abi Bakr Ammar Stadium in Sale.

The confrontation is of great importance to the “old-fashioned” who is looking for a victory that will give him direct access to the first professional division, but on the condition that Nahdet Al-Zmamra, third in the ranking (48 N), awaits a difficult match in the field of Al-Ittihad Al-Islami Al-Wajdi, where the difference at that time between them will be four full points, he will not be able to Al-Nahda is able to compensate it with one round remaining in the life of the competition, but if the representative of the city of Rabat loses or draws, he will be forced to wait for the last round, which he will try to avoid because his opponent will be in the closing round, Youssoufia Berchid, who in turn is seeking to return to the ranks of the adults.

However, the leader’s task will not be easy in front of Fares Al-Raqraq, who last week ensured his survival with an impressive victory outside the home on the Marrakech agreement, which will give him a moral boost to go through the remaining two rounds with the aim of achieving victory and moving up further in the standings, especially since the land and public factors stand in his favour.

In turn, Youssoufia Berrechid will be the runner-up of the tournament with 49 points, with only a goal difference from El Setad, on a date with a fateful match against its guest, Shabab Atlas Khenifra, who is seventh in 37 points, which will be hosted by the municipal stadium of Berrechid.

Like Moroccan Setad, Al-Harizi will play all its cards in this match, hoping to collect three valuable points and wait for what Nahdet Al-Zmamra will achieve, which will announce with its loss the official return of Al-Youssoufia to the first division, or with its victory, postponing the acquaintance with the features of the qualifier to the last round.

Al-Harizis will enter the match, elated by a well-deserved victory away from home against Olympique Al-Dshira, one of the strongest clubs this season, which will motivate the players to redouble their efforts and not risk confirming their rise to next week. As for Fares Khenifra, he will raise the slogan of compensation after losing the last match against Moroccan Setad with two clean goals, in search of ending the season in the best possible way.

Attention will also be drawn to the summit of the renaissance of Zemamra, third in the ranking (48 n), and the stubborn Al-Ittihad Al-Islami Al-Wajdi, sixth-placed with 40 points, which will be held on the grounds of the municipal stadium in Oujda.

And Nahdet Al-Zmamra had suffered a painful and surprising loss in the previous round at the hands of Wydad Fassi 0-1, which put it in an unenviable position, after it lost the lead and became close to failing to rise to the ranks of the seniors, knowing that it topped the tournament since its inception, the matter Which may enter players into a spiral of suspicion that will complicate their mission.

The difficulty also lies in the opponent against whom Hashim Mastour’s companions will play, as Fares Al Sharq is considered one of the most stubborn teams on its stadiums, along with both Moroccan Setd and Rapid Wadi Zam, and they are the only clubs that have not received any loss in their field with regard to the professional championship.

The representative of the city of Khamis Al-Zamamara is well aware of this, especially if we go back to the history of the confrontations between him and the Al-Wajdi team, we find that it tends in favor of the latter, who met his opponent on three occasions, winning the first and drawing in the second and third, the last of which was the first-leg match of the current season.

Although Nahdet Al-Zmamra ranked third, he is the luckiest among his opponents in order to snatch one of the two promotion cards to the first division if he wins over his host, as he will keep the only point difference between him and Al-Satt and Al-Youssoufia if they win and may surpass them if they lose, knowing that his match The conclusion against Wydad Temara, who left for the amateur division, will be easy compared to the first two, who will collide with each other.

The fourth team concerned with the rise is Rapid Wadi Zem, fourth-placed with 45 points. A bombed-out match awaits it against Al-Ettifaq Marrakech, 12th-placed with 32 points. Its phases will take place on the municipal stadium of Wadi Zem.

The hopes of the Martyrs’ team seem slim to its predecessors, as it needs to win the remaining two matches and wait for the results of the other matches, in which two teams must lose two matches each if they want to return quickly to the League of Lights, but even with the consideration of the Wydad Tamara confrontation in favor of Al-Sari, the last match In front of and in the field of youth, the march will not be easy, which will complicate his endeavors.

Also, the scenario of the first-leg match between Fares Al-Nakhil and Saree Wadi Zam may be present in this confrontation, after the latter rained the net of the agreement with five, which will try to repay the debt or at least deprive the representative of the city of Wadi Zam from continuing the competition for the boarding pass, which officially means that he will remain in the section. the second indefinitely.

It should be noted that the Zemorian Union of Thursdays and Wydad Temara officially went down in the last round to amateur hell, after losing the first to its guest Saree Wadi Zem with a clean double, and the second fell in front of Racing Oval with two goals against an orphan goal.

*the program:

Sale Association – Moroccan Setad:

Youssoufia Berchid – Atlas Khenifra Youth:

Essential Islamic Union – Renaissance of Zmamra:

Wadi Zem Expressway – Ittefaq Marrakech:

Wydad Temara – Youth Movement:

Raja Bani Mellal – Ittihad Zemmouri Thursdays:

Chabab Benguerir – Racing Oval:

Wydad Fassi – Olympic Dchira:

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