a free service to improve the online presence of companies

Apple recently launched a new free service called Apple Business Connect. This service allows businesses to claim their location maps and customize how key information appears on Apple’s apps (Maps, Messages, Wallet, Siri, etc.).

Claim their locations and customize their business cards

Businesses can add photos, update their logo, opening hours, personalized calls-to-action, and access insights on user searches. Apple has also introduced a new feature called “Showcases” which allows businesses to highlight special offers on their profile. Storefronts are currently available to businesses in the United States and will be available to businesses around the world in the coming months.

How does Apple Business Connect work?

To use Apple Business Connect, businesses must go to the Apple Business Connect site, sign in with their existing Apple ID or create one, and wait for their business verification to claim their locations and customize their business cards.

A free service to enjoy better visibility with Apple users

This service is free and allows companies to benefit from better visibility with a billion Apple users. This is a response to Google Business profile, a similar service offered by Google. By using Apple Business Connect, businesses can improve their online presence, attract new customers, and stay in touch with existing customers.

A serious competitor to GMB

Businesses that want to be more visible on Apple apps and on the internet in general should consider using this service. With this new tool designed by Apple, companies can enjoy a better online presence while benefiting from the advantages of the Apple platform.

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