A national warning strike inside Attijariwafa bank tomorrow, Thursday

The National Office of Attijariwafa bank workers decided to strike for two hours on Thursday, June 8, due to the situation inside the largest bank in Morocco, due to the negligence of the Human Resources Department and the indifference to the responsibility entrusted to it towards workers.

The trade union office emphasized that a number of reasons precipitated the decision to strike, including the retraction of gains and the delay in increases and promotions without giving any justification or offering an apology, which is considered a blatant blow to the dignity of the working people and their representatives, in addition to not moving the barème d’augmentation measure for a long time, which It no longer copes with the high cost of living, despite the recorded profits, as well as indifference to the issues of working people and procrastination in studying their social files.

The office also denounced the failure of the human resources department to solve the problem of annual holidays, as the department has become part of the crisis instead of being a source of solutions, and has become waiting for workers to unjustly and aggressively deduct from their holidays as if it is the workers who do not want to benefit from their holidays.

Workers also suffer from not answering the phone to find out the fate of their files, on the part of some “officials” in the Social Affairs Department, discriminating delegates belonging to the “Al-Batrouna” syndicate, and harassing workers’ representatives belonging to the National Syndicate of Banks to prevent them from carrying out their duties towards the workers in flagrant violation. Labor Code and the Constitution.

The office complained about the lack of any legal protection for workers when they engage in work, and the reduction of internal promotion opportunities by employing frameworks at the retirement age from other banking institutions, inquiring whether there is a tight operating policy or only the logic of clientelism and personal relationships prevails without regard to the interest of the institution.

The office expressed its absolute rejection of undermining its demand file and all that it promotes in terms of a miserable increase that does not enrich or fatten hunger, stressing that in the event of failure to respond, other steps and forms of struggle will be taken that will be determined by the trade union bodies in defense of the rights and gains of the working people.

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