A parliamentarian warns of the negative aspects of not reviewing the reference tariff

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Parliamentary advisor Mohamed Zidouh raised again the national reference tariff file within the dome of the House of Councilors, based on its importance and its close connection with the generalization of health coverage and ensuring the successful implementation of social protection workshops, on which Moroccans pin high hopes, in line with the royal will aimed at preserving the dignity of citizens.

Dr. Mohamed Zidouh said during last Tuesday’s session, addressing the Minister of Health and Social Protection, “Without this comprehensive coverage, there will be no social protection that preserves the dignity of the citizen and meets the aspiration of advanced Morocco. Therefore, two things must be discussed: the reference tariff and the treatment basket.”

He continued, explaining in this context that the reference tariff has been exceeded since 2006, despite the pledges of the government authorities at the time to review it every three years, and that the quantitative weakness of the tariff makes access to treatment costly by up to 54 percent, declaring that in the absence of reviewing the reference tariff, it is difficult to limit Some of the abuses in this sector, which are being discussed in the dome of parliament or in media platforms, and therefore the review of the tariff remains, in his opinion, the way to reduce abuse of speech, whether it is related to the public sector or the private sector.

Rather, he stressed in the same direction that reviewing the reference tariff in a realistic and complete manner is of utmost importance to provide guarantees for the success of health coverage.

Concern about delaying the payment of hospital dues

With regard to the basket of treatments, he concluded by saying that the expectations of 2006 regarding it have become exceeded, as it was limited to 3,500 cases, and a committee was formed after that that prepared a new basket of treatments that includes 7 thousand cases, and it was directed to the General Secretariat of the Government a year and a half ago, but so far it has not been issued by The latter is a final answer, which apparently prompted the Prime Minister to send a correspondence in this regard, alerting the General Secretariat of the Government regarding this delay.

It was recorded that the review of the basket of remedies is the one on which the material defining reference will depend, and therefore when the answer of the General Secretariat of the Government is reached, a technical committee should be formed to decide on the financial value, which means that a great work will await it, and it will not be completed within a year or a year and a half, and this will delay its assessment. Health coverage application.

It did not fail to warn that this scenario would put us in front of a weak budget allocated for health coverage compared to similar countries, which would affect the sustainability of the health coverage system, and that the financial imbalance would lead to a delay in the payment of dues in hospitals, whether in the public or private sector.

Therefore, at the conclusion of his intervention, he expressed his conviction that the success of the health system depends on removing the treatment basket and the reference tariff in order to avoid the lack of realistic implementation of the health system.

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