Africa: football as a means of development

Football stands out as a means of meeting the development needs of young people on the African continent. And not only as an end allowing access to financial comfort for those who reach the professional level. This was stated Thursday in Rabat by the founding president of the Amadeus Institute, Brahim Fassi Fihri.

Speaking at the opening of the high-level conference, organized by the Amadeus Institute, under the theme: “Morocco within its continent: a South-South partnership, win-win, acting and united: football factor of integration and global visibility of the continent”, Mr. Fassi Fihri underlined that the African continent has a diversity of talents and ambitions as rich as its history, noting however that “several talents come up against the lack mechanisms capable of ensuring their success, and too often see short-term economic interests or external constraints contributing to the erosion of their dreams and hopes”.

He indicated that “this divide has long put Africa at risk of marginalization in the field of football in particular, as much as it has been able to experience it in other disciplines”, considering that to develop talents in Africa, it is first necessary to identify the particularities, and to highlight the specificities of the continent.

According to the president of the Think Tank, “today it is a question of perpetuating the performance, of giving it scientific and infrastructural dimensions and of making it a vector of economic, cultural and social development”.

He emphasized the model of Morocco, the first African nation in the FIFA rankings at the gates of the top 10, which deserves to be highlighted in the illustration of the appropriate combination between the confidence placed in pure talent, and the ability to polish it, frame it and encourage it to blossom.

“The innovative royal vision, brilliantly implemented by the effective action of the president of the Royal Moroccan Football Federation, Mr. Fouzi Lekjaa, is bearing fruit in the service of national but also African football, with the ultimate goal of promoting our continent in on a global scale”, he said, adding that “the Kingdom of Morocco carries within it the fight of an entire African football, whose talent and capacities must be highlighted, protected and placed at the heart of development projects throughout Africa”.

The high-level conference, in which political leaders and renowned experts took part, was an opportunity to highlight Morocco’s key role in South-South cooperation and to study the prospects opened up by this model of cooperation as well as the opportunities it opens up and represents.

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