Al-Akhbar Al-Shahri, the new mag of Rachid Nini

In a fairly lackluster market for paper newspapers in general, our colleague Rachid Nini, director of the daily newspaper which bears the same name, has decided to remind you that reading on paper still has its followers and its place. Hence the challenge of enriching the family of newspapers and magazines with a new Arabic-language publication, despite this kind of digital hegemony. Moreover to the “UNE” of the number 1 ofAl Akhbar Al Shahri, a file is devoted to “The unfortunate face of the universe of Moroccan influencers”. In fact, it is a generalist monthly magazine where you can find all the traditional journalistic genres: interviews, different points of view, portraits… Each month, readers will be able to find in a varied summary, Moroccan and international news as well as analyzes and other reports. It is not a supplement, as there is for other newspapers. It is a full-fledged magazine. In summary, it is also a cultural asset that would like to awaken something both a little elitist and of scale in the imagination and at the same time be shared by the greatest number. Al Akhbar Al Shahri is therefore intended to be a resolutely modern monthly, well suited to our society, our way of life and our concerns. The selling price of the new monthly in kiosks is set at 20 dirhams.

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