Ambatovy paid 198 billion riyals in 2022

The mining company Ambatovy, which is organizing open days this week at Soarano Station, claims to have paid 43.3 million dollars (i.e. 198 billion ariary) in taxes, duties and royalties into the state coffers in 2022.

The mining company that exploits nickel and cobalt also indicates that it has spent more than 340 million dollars on the purchase of goods and services on the local market. A significant investment which intervenes directly on the market, creating 12,900 jobs in the process, 90% of which are occupied by Malagasy people.

The rebates paid by this major mining project to communities would amount to nearly 55 billion Ariary. In 2018, around twenty municipalities and two regions, Alaotra Mangoro and Atsinanana, benefited from these rebates. Rebates accumulated since the start of the project’s operating phase.

Ambatovy has had to cut production over the past year but is poised to reverse the trend this year. Its production should increase from 35,000 tons to 40,000 tons for nickel. For cobalt, it should increase from 3,500 tons to 3,600 tons. An increase in production which will have an impact on the mining royalties to be paid to the State and the decentralized communities.

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