Andry Rajoelina will address the nation this Sunday

Andry Rajoelina will address the nation this Sunday if we are to believe the teaser broadcast on social networks since yesterday.

No other details have been provided by the communication department of the presidency for the moment. One thing is certain, he will speak live on national radio and television channels. It could be that he expresses himself through a talk show as he has done before.

This meeting is awaited by both supporters of the regime and its detractors. A few months before the next presidential election, Andry Rajoelina indeed appears more weakened than ever. The controversy over his dual nationality continues unabated, and the difficult social and economic situation is compounded by division within his own camp. Ambitious during the 2018 campaign, Andry Rajoelina was only able to fulfill a few promises and had to leave many others by the wayside. He found himself facing multiple crises during his five-year term including the Covid-19 crisis which triggered a deep recession in Madagascar, putting a brake on years of progress in poverty reduction.

The results of his five-year term, the question relating to his dual nationality will certainly be addressed next Sunday as well as other hot topics of the hour, including his possible candidacy for the next presidential election.

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