Antonela Roccuzzo presented her children’s clothing line and the models were the children of Evangelina Anderson

Antonela Roccuzzo, a few years ago, decided to embark on her path in the world of fashion by launching her own brand of children’s clothing. The brand in question is called Children and is located in Rosario. It offers children’s clothing and a variety of products for newborns, babies and children from 0 to 12 years old.

The influencer, who is one of the most followed Argentines in the world, did very well with her venture and now she presented the new winter collection. It drew a lot of attention because those chosen by Lionel Messi’s wife to model the clothes were the daughters of Evangelina Anderson and Martín Demichelis.

The girls, Lola and Emma, ​​were living with their parents in Europe but since Demichelis was summoned to be River’s technical director after Marcelo Gallardo’s departure, the family moved back to Argentina. For this reason, Antonela chose them as her models.

“Backstage of a beautiful photo day,” Evangelina wrote in her Instagram stories showing the moments behind the campaign, where you could see the outfit they chose for each of their daughters.

In the publication, he tagged Antonela, his sister Paula Roccuzzo, his cousin Andrea Lo Menzo, who also owns the brand, and Cecilia Trabattoni. Seeing him, Leo’s wife shared her video on her Instagram, very happy with the result of the campaign.

On the other hand, Lola and Emma Demichelis had already ventured into the world of child modeling. Both participated in 2019, together with their brother Bastian, in the autumn-winter and spring-summer collections for Leo’s wife’s brand. However, on that occasion it was not in Buenos Aires, Argentina, but in Marbella, Spain, and Munich, Germany.

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