Athletes and Federations supported by the Ministry of Sports – THE FIRST PRIVATE PRESS AGENCY IN TOGO

Togo will take part in the 9th Francophonie Games in DR Congo which will be held from July 28 to August 6 in Kinshasa (DR Congo).

Designated in 2019, the DRC was to organize these games in 2021, before the Covid-19 pandemic already dictated a first postponement to 2022.

About 3,000 young people will take part in this competition. 14 athletes will represent Togo and will have to compete in five disciplines namely: Athletics, Handisport, Judo, Table Tennis and African Wrestling.

And for better results, the Ministry of Sports has technically and financially supported the athletes and Federations selected as well as the supervisors.

The Togolese delegation to this competition received Tuesday, during a press conference at the office of the Ministry of Sports in Lomé, the charter of good conduct which will serve as a guide during this competition.

“The ministry’s support is multiple. There is technical support, which consists of the staff of the Sports and Recreation Department and the executives of the Ministry of Sports and Recreation being able to assist the technical supervisors of the various Federations. Also, the financial support through the various subsidies which are granted to the various Federations. They are also used to organize competitions and the various activities of the Federations and to support the various athletes in their preparations,” suggested Ouro Gandi Tchagnagni (project manager/minister of sports).

In addition, the choice of athletes is “made on the basis of sporting criteria, on the basis of athletes who are competitive, who have achieved minimum standards and who are the best in the different federations which are involved”, he said. underline.

Remember that the Francophonie Games bring together athletes from around fifty French-speaking countries who compete in events in several disciplines: athletics, cycling, boxing, judo, tennis, etc.

The last edition held in Côte d’Ivoire in 2017 brought together 3,500 participants, including 2,500 young athletes from 53 countries, for ten days. FIN

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