Auto. Hyundai Bayon Futé, the little Korean

Between the very conservative Creta and the avant-garde Kona, there was a tiny gap in Hyundai’s lineup that is now filled. Thus was born the Bayon, an authentically urban SUV in the very image of its target clientele. Singles or young couples looking to stand out with what the Bayon brings the most: design and technology. On the first register, this pocket SUV plays the daring card, not hesitating to borrow some style facets from the Kona. We find in particular this frontal light signature, a bit futuristic and in two levels, with at the top and flush with the hood, thin and slender headlights, then on the shield, headlights with an original and angular design. This last qualifier suits even more the treatment of the rear part which features an inclined bezel and boomerang lights, connected by a wide light strip under which a black trim seems to visually extend the rear window. The profile, on the other hand, shows a series of pencil strokes and other ribs on the hollow sides, while with the option of the black roof, the pavilion seems to float. Umpteenth detail noticeable on each of the front fenders: the 48 V inscription, through which the Bayon wants to show its white paw and micro-hybridization.

mild hybrid
All these stylistic effects quickly make you forget the compactness of the machine and its 4.18 m in length. However, the Bayon does not prevent itself from offering a trunk of 411 liters, the volume of a good compact sedan. The interior presentation also has nothing to envy to what exists on larger models, as shown by the driving position and its two digital displays, one for the counters, the other for the multimedia interface. Ditto for the equipment which counts, among other features, the induction charger, the replication for smartphone (Android Auto / Apple CarPlay), the sunroof, as well as the front seats and heated steering wheel. Proof that it is up to date in terms of technology, the Bayon is also equipped with state-of-the-art driving assistance devices, such as active lane keeping assistance and autonomous emergency braking.

This little Korean is smart and this also benefits him in terms of driving, since by acquiring an (additional) 48 V battery, his engine is necessarily led to consume less. It is in this case a 3-cylinder 1.0 l of 100 horsepower, connected to an automatic gearbox and stuffed with a direct injection gasoline turbo, but which, thanks to light hybridization, claims controlled consumption. 5l/100 km in the combined cycle. This is enough to convince the most skeptical of the futility of “demonizing” the automobile fuel without lead. This, especially since on this model, Hyundai Morocco offers a competitive entry ticket and drives the point home by offering to take charge of the first six monthly installments of specific credit financing. It is well studied and it is unique!


In just 4.18 m, this Korean cadet manages to play the seducer, thanks in particular to his double-storey light signature and his style effects. He adds the colorful diversity of his color chart which has no less than nine shades, including this “Vert Mangrove” which served as the launch color.

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