Bac 2023: a subject leak causes trouble

A tray and hiccups. Proven leaks of the history-geo subject led the Ministry of Higher Education to release a relief subject yesterday. A provision that has wreaked havoc in exam centers across the country.

The history-geo test should have started at 1:30 p.m. yesterday but following the discovery of the leak of the subject on social networks, the ministry decided to withdraw the subject object of the leak and to use the subject of replacement. A replacement subject is prepared for each exam in the event of a problem, yet its implementation was not easy.

In several examination centers, the start of the test was delayed, at 3 p.m., or even at 6 p.m. for some. This has forced students to work in the dark in examination centers without electricity, including public schools. In other centers, the duration had to be shortened because of the late hour whereas it is planned to be treated in 4 hours.

The printing of relief subjects was also a problem, the subject was thus either dictated by the supervisors or written on the board.

Not all test centers have received this information either. This has led to confusion in several exam centers. Indeed, some candidates in landlocked regions not connected to the telephone network have always dealt with the initial subject.

The history-geo test will be retaken on Friday July 21, 2023 at 7:30 a.m. for series A, C, D, announced the Minister of Higher Education, Béatrice Assoumacou during a program on the national channel TVM last night. A decision taken to guarantee equal opportunities between candidates, according to the press release from the Council of Ministers.

In the event that the candidates plan to redo the tests, since this is not compulsory, the ministry has announced that only the best mark will be taken into account. In addition, a decision to award bonuses to candidates was taken. Those who were able to redo the replacement subject in the evening and those who treated the initial subject can thus choose whether or not to redo this test. A decision which is however likely to generate once again the cacophony at the level of the organization.

During the broadcast on the TVM channel yesterday, the Secretary of State in charge of the gendarmerie, Serge Gellé also intervened. He announced that an investigation is open to try to find out the source of this leak and that people have already been arrested in connection with this case.

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