Baccalaureate 2023: a 12.50% increase in the number of candidates

215,630 candidates will take the baccalaureate exams from July 17, all series combined, according to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. The L series is composed of 151,904 candidates, the S series is 43,337, the technical series is 10,963 and 9,426 candidates for the OSE series. These figures have seen a very significant increase of 12.5% ​​compared in particular to those of the previous school year.

This increase is explained among other things by the deliberate choice of students to take the baccalaureate exam a little earlier, from the first class. But there is also the increase in the number of high schools across the country, thanks in particular to the efforts undertaken by the regime in place in the field of education and the multiplication of the number of existing school infrastructures.

This increase in the number of candidates forced the supervisory ministry to increase the number of examination centers. Five new centers have been added to the existing centers and they are distributed in the regions of Vakinankaratra (Ankazomiriotra), Atsimo Andrefana (Belamoty), Androy (Antanimora Sud), Boeny (Tsaramandroso and Besakoa).

In the face of rumors of subjects being leaked and subjects being sold on social networks, measures have been taken by the ministry and law enforcement agencies to avoid them. In a press conference, the commander of the Analamanga gendarmerie group, Colonel Tojo Raoilijon declared that ” the baccalaureate exams will be supervised “. For scammers who try to sell topics, as well as for parents and students who try to approach them, investigations will be opened.

Steve Rabotomanasa, director of the anti-corruption unit at the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research also affirmed that there will be no subject leaks. ” Alleged topics spread on social media are just fake “, he specified. The teachers who designed the topics in conclave would not have the possibility of rumoring them in public, since they did not even have the possibility of bringing a telephone with eu. Strict controls are also in place for the technical operators in charge of the subjects.

In addition, the official within the ministry specifies that “ the sale of false subjects is prohibited by law, the ministry is working with the gendarmerie to flush out these scam attempts on the networks ».

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