Baccalaureate 2023: the correction of copies has started

After the phase of the written tests, place for the correction of the copies of the baccalaureate session 2023. The work started this Monday, July 03, 2023.

The correction of the candidates’ papers takes place simultaneously in all the centers selected by the Office du Baccalauréat. To ensure the confidentiality of the process, the copies are rendered anonymous by teams dedicated to so-called secretarial work.

In Cotonou and Porto-Novo, for example, the process follows its course in the greatest confidentiality. “We are currently in the anonymity stage and the copies are coded”, says Aristide Apko, general supervisor of the correction center of the Lycée Coulibaly in Cotonou. For his part, Siaka Massou, general supervisor of the Lycée Béhanzin correction center in Porto-Novo, provides details on the provisions that enhance transparency. “There is a process of permutation of the copies, those of Porto-Novo are mixed and distributed in other cities of Benin”he said.

After the correction of the copies by the teachers, the teams of the secretariat will carry out various other works before the various deliberation juries come into play with a view to the proclamation of the results projected for July 12 by the Office du bac.

77,563 candidates were registered for the bac exam which took place from June 19 to 21.

Fulgencia Hountondji

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