Before the wedding day, the future husband revealed the reason for accepting me

Thinking that he was attractive, he captured Hoan’s heart. Unexpectedly, when he told the truth, I was extremely disappointed and depressed.

Before coming to me, Hoan had a very deep love for a girl named Tram. During 7 years of love, the two faced many difficulties at work and were prevented by their maternal family.

After overcoming all, Tram was suddenly lost after an accident. The sudden departure of his girlfriend left Hoan completely devastated. It is said that during the funeral, Hoan fainted up and down, until he woke up, he kept calling Tram’s name. At that time, everyone who looked at it also mourned the love of the talented couple.

For the next 2 years, Hoan had no feelings for another girl. It was only when he met me that he opened his heart and wanted to get married. After 3 months of dating, the boyfriend asked for a wedding. At that time, I was very happy and proud, thinking that being attractive made Hoan forget all the past and start all over again.

One more week until our wedding, all formalities such as marriage registration, wedding photography, party booking and invitations are all done. Yesterday, sitting next to Hoan, I took the initiative to hug him and coax him to have sex. Unexpectedly, my future husband pushed me away and said he was not ready.

I suspect he has a problem, during our time together, we just stopped at holding hands. Even when I tried to kiss him, he tried to avoid it. Now that the two of you are going to be husband and wife, what are you afraid of that doesn’t want to be close to me?

At this point, he did not want to hide from me anymore, but confessed the reason for accepting to marry me. He said he was still in love with his ex-girlfriend, but because of the great pressure of his family, he was forced to marry me so he could live peacefully. My boyfriend wants me to understand and sympathize with his heartache.

I was really devastated by Hoan’s words, it turned out that he married me because of his family, in fact he did not have feelings for me. Unable to accept this deception, I said I would break up, no need for a man whose body is on my side, but my mind is on the other side.

Hoan suddenly held my hand and begged me not to leave him. He didn’t want to lose me, didn’t want his parents to worry and suffer because of him forever. He wished he had more time to open up to me.

I can’t bet my whole life on a man in love. I’m afraid to get married, he misses his old love even more. Do you think I should stop or give him a chance?

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