Benin: Shegun Adjadi Bakari new Minister of Foreign Affairs

Shegun Adjadi Bakari is the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Benin. He replaces Aurélien Agbénonci according to a press release from the Secretary General of the Government published on Tuesday evening.

It’s the end of a suspense! Shegun Adjadi Bakari will take the reins of Beninese diplomacy, replacing Aurélien Agbenonci, whose dismissal was announced by the press with insistence on May 23, but without official confirmation.

The new head of Beninese diplomacy had been Minister Counselor for Investments to President Patrice Talon since the end of April. Better known in recent months as an entrepreneur promoter of electric motorcycles in Cotonou, Mr. Adjadi Bakari, will not discover the political circuits in his new functions. In the recent past, he officiated with the Togolese president as an adviser.

Mr. Bakari should quickly look into the alterations to the diplomatic map of Benin, one of the conclusions of the conference by Patrice Talon with all the ambassadors of Benin held on May 30 in Cotonou. But above all to implement the vision of economic diplomacy desired by President Patrice Talon who had already stripped the Foreign Affairs portfolio of the cooperation component entrusted to his Minister of Finance Romuald Wadagni.

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