BEPC 2023 session in Niger: 140,687 candidates divided into 373 juries will face the written tests of these exams on Tuesday

On the eve of the 2023 First Cycle End of Studies Certificate (BEPC) exams, the Minister of National Education, Mr. Ibrahim Natatou called, this Monday, June 12, 2023, all 140,687 candidates to ” please get involved and stay confident”. There are 140,687 candidates, all categories combined, including 69,566 girls, i.e. 49.45% and 71,121 boys, i.e. 50.55%, to take the BEPC written tests, session 2023 in Niger.

Thus, on the eve of the exams, the Minister of National Education, not only welcomed “the smooth running of this school year in a peaceful social climate, thanks to the commitment and support of the Government, under the ‘impulse of the President of the Republic Bazoum Mohamed’, but also thanked all the actors involved in the field ”who have each done their part for the normal completion of this school year”.

To this end, he hailed ”the teachers’ unions whose collaboration has been most decisive in calming the social climate throughout the year”.
Minister Natatou to be delighted, once again, with the progress made in terms of girl/boy parity, the gap of which is gradually narrowing in favor of girls at the national level.

It should be noted that among these candidates, 129,413 are from traditional education, i.e. 91.98% and 11,274 from Franco-Arabic, i.e. 8.02% of the total workforce with a rate of 9.30% of independent candidates. .

In terms of comparison with the 2022 session, underlined the minister, “the number of candidates at the national level this year is down by 6,217, or 4.42% and this regression which is only increasing year after year. year, could be justified by several reasons, including the proportion taken by technical and vocational education as a post-primary education cycle, school dropout and failure which remain high, particularly in rural areas, the closure of certain establishments schools due to insecurity and the measures taken by my ministerial department against the fraudulent re-enrollment of excluded students.

In addition, the Minister of National Education reassured that ”all the necessary arrangements are made so that the examinations take place in the best material conditions, of security, fairness and transparency”.

To this end, in addition to the involvement of HALCIA in the supervision of the conduct of the examination, announced the Minister of National Education, ”several other measures have been adopted, including the transport of the tests by air, the systematic securing by the Defense and Security Forces of candidates’ tests and copies, the creation of special secure examination centers in Banibangou, Bosso and Makalondi to limit the movement of candidates from these insecure areas, the prohibition formal requirement for wearing connected devices in examination rooms.

Thus, he wanted to draw the attention of candidates to apply while having confidence in themselves, because as he explained, ” the BEPC is an exam and not a competition, so all those who have reached the average level of mastery of the expected knowledge will necessarily be declared admitted.

With regard to the parents of students, Mr. Ibrahim Natatou advises them to ensure that “their candidate children carefully store their authorized school kits, their summonses, their valid and duly signed school identity cards the head of the establishment for official candidates, or the valid national identity card for independent candidates; and that they be in their examination centers no later than 7 a.m.

Finally, before thanking the HALCIA and the FDS, whose contribution has always been decisive in securing the credibility of the exams, he called on the Presidents and members of the juries, presidents of the centers, room supervisors, supervisors and other actors involved in organization of this exam, to put their professional conscience into it ”so that there is no derogatory attitude likely to tarnish the credibility of the exam” while inviting them to ”a high sense of responsibility” and to become aware of their ”importance in this whole process”.
Note that for this session of BEPC 2023, the Minister of Education will officially launch the tests in the Dosso region, precisely in the department of Birni N’Gaouré.

It should be recalled that in 2022, for the BEPC exams, Niger registered 140,933 candidates, of whom 38,305 were declared definitively admitted, i.e. an overall success rate of 27.18%.

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