Case of theft of a foreign ship: Arrest of 13 people in Casablanca

The elements of the police under the district of Aïn Sebaâ in Casablanca proceeded Wednesday to the arrest of 13 people including a minor, suspected of being involved in a case of robbery.

The defendants broke and climbed a foreign ship which capsized off Aïn Sebaâ in Casablanca, indicates a security source, adding that the defendants robbed the goods on board the ship.

The immediate intervention of the police officers made it possible to arrest the 13 people shortly after the commission of the facts, continues the same source, specifying that the searches resulted in the recovery of a large part of the loot.

The arrested suspects have been subjected to a judicial investigation under the supervision of the competent prosecutor’s office in order to elucidate all the conditions and circumstances of this case, the same source said, before adding that research and investigations are continuing to arrest the others. individuals who could possibly be implicated in the commission of these criminal acts.

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