Central Bank: The new 50 oz note is available in three different varieties and all of them are usable

The Central Bank of Mauritania informs all citizens that the 50-ounce banknote that was issued recently was available in three varieties, in the context of testing to see which one is more immune and appropriate to the country’s climate and the behavior of money users.
[-] The first class series begins with the letter A, and it is a hybrid, consisting of two sheets with a layer of polymer in the middle, and the safety thread in which only part of it appears.
[-] The second string begins with the letter B and is a sisal-backed cotton sheet, but some of them differ slightly from others in that there are dots on the so-called spark (code 50) with a slight distinction at the level of the safety thread.
[-] As for the series that begins with the letter C, it is a hybrid paper: cotton, closed on both sides with polymer.
And all these items issued according to the latest technologies are distinguished in terms of texture and have high quality safety characteristics: the water image, the Mauritanian sheikh and the integrated or apparent security thread … and others, and it is difficult to simulate them. They are all valid and guaranteed by the Central Bank.

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