Chibi El Borkani releases a music video on the occasion of the return of the Moroccans of the world to the homeland

Electronic flag – Rabat

Moroccan singer Chebi El Berkani is preparing to release his new video, Thursday, July 20, under the title “Les vacances”, which will be shown exclusively on his official YouTube channel and on his social media accounts.

Al-Barakani chose the theme of the summer vacation to motivate the Moroccan community residing abroad to return to the homeland to spend it, highlighting the beautiful atmosphere experienced by the Moroccan immigrant after his return to Morocco in the arms of his family and relatives, recalling in the song itself his personal experience in that, and comparing it with other countries, and sending a clear message through the lyrics of the song by the writer “Belboshti” to encourage those wishing to spend their summer holidays, by choosing the country’s warmth, which is considered higher and more precious than the beauty of static tourist countries.

Shaibi Al-Barakani used, as usual, in the new song, a melody that mixes heritage and modernity, by preserving the heritage of “Rakada” in the rhythm of the song and its dances, thus imprinting a “registered trademark” for his songs that are characterized by the quality of music and selected words, weaving a message that serves the tourism sector on the one hand, and renews nostalgia in the veins of immigrants and kindles the flames of longing in their depths to return to the homeland.

A professional artistic crew watched over the production of this music video, as the picture was prepared by “Talal Media”, the arrangement and mixing were “Zico Labroud”, and the recordings were made in the studios of “ADS Stones”, and on the violin by Ben Aissa.

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