Children are slow to speak because parents carelessly do these 3 things with their children

When a baby can talk early, the mother will feel very proud of her child, people around often praise “the child is smart”. Therefore, if unfortunately the child is slow to speak, it will cause the whole family to “stand still”.

Although most children are eventually able to speak fluently, for children who are slow to speak, cognitive and emotional abilities are relatively weaker than their peers. The delay in speaking will prevent children from expressing themselves, not being able to express their needs, which makes them very uncomfortable.

If you have a child with a speech delay, think again to see if you are hindering your child. Here are some things parents can do to slow their child down.

1. Feeling embarrassed talking to a baby who can’t speak yet

Some mothers feel so embarrassed that talking to their child feels like talking to themselves.

In fact, the mother is the language teacher for her child. The more a mother talks to her child, the faster the child will learn to talk. Therefore, try to be less shy, less forced, less reserved when talking to your child.

Babies and toddlers are an important stage for language recognition, and it would be a shame to ignore them.

When changing diapers, the mother should say “I will change your diaper”, when going out, say “look, this is a beautiful flower, this is a lamp, this is a car”. The mother should take advantage of every moment to talk to her child, so that the baby is aware of everything around him as much as possible.

At first, you may not be used to this, but if you do it regularly, you will feel your baby reacting like talking to mom.

2. Parents take care of their children too well, children do not have the opportunity to speak

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