Children found alive in jungle 40 days after plane crashes in Colombia

The Colombian Military Forces and President Gustavo Petro confirmed on Friday night (9) that the four children who had been missing for 40 days after a plane crashed in Colombia were found alive.

“It’s a great gift for Colombia, a gift for life, our boys cared for in the jungle,” Petro said in an interview moments after announcing the rescue in a post on a social network.

Last month, the Colombian president even announced the rescue of the children, but later recanted.

Lesly Mucutuy, 13 years old, Soleiny Mucutuy, 9 years old, Tien Mucutuy, 4 years old and
Cristin Mucutuy, 1 year old, are brothers and belong to the Uitoto indigenous ethnic group. The children are under medical care.

Their mother and two other adults died in the accident, which occurred on May 1st.

Dog found the children
This week, during the search, the dog Wilson who helped with the work disappeared. The dog footprints alongside small human footprints were located by rescuers. Indicating that the animal was with the survivors.

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