China Suárez and Lauty Gram posed wearing the same garment, is there romance?

For a few weeks, the alleged romance between the China Suarez y Lauty Gram flooded the entertainment programs. All eyes fell on the actress and the 21-year-old influencer, after rumors that they had been seen together at the Bresh party. Then, they were photographed walking in a mall in Uruguaywhere China is recording her new movie.

After a few days of calm, now the versions were revived by a photo of Lauty Gram. The young man published a photo with a green scarf and quickly in the networks they noticed something special in that garment. It is that it is the same as days ago the China Suarez He wore one of his photos shared on his Instagram social network account.

China surprised its colleagues with a piece of information

Since she settled in Uruguay for the recording of her new film, the China Suarez Share with your followers all the backstage moments. The now also singer is filming Parking and shows in his Instagram stories from his moments on the set until his return home, where, every other week, he lives with his children who come and go to Argentina.

Now the China Suarez she wanted to show that she is not only an artist who is encouraged by various disciplines, but that she likes to know and investigate all kinds of topics. So it was that she recorded how her classmates were surprised and amused by a fact that the actress knew about the origin of the name of Montevideo, the city where she has been for almost a month.

The China Suarez he explained to his classmates one of the existing theories. According to the actress, Montevideo is an annotation that comes from cartography, where “MONTE” refers to the first thing that was seen; “VI” refers to the number six in Roman numerals and the letters D, E and O stand for the initials of “from east” and “west”. Thus, it would mean “sixth mountain, from east to west.”

China Suarez

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