Citizen’s Tribune Senegalese Crisis, Embalo’ Cissoko’s bet won

In a recent Tribune decrypting an Interview given to RFI, it had come back to us clearly that President Umaru Cissoko rocking, had a trust absolute in the solidity of the building democratic au Senegal .

In his quality of President in Exercise of the CEDEAO, despite theemotion from routelectoral of his political group at the Election legislative, and the violence of events occurred in Dakar after the Trial of Sonko , African public opinion, particularly from ECOWAS, wasint waiting for theattitude or posture of President rocking Cissoko ?

He hasshut up very clearly stated that he does notthere was noworry to be done when possible destabilization of the Institutionsfrom Republic, because of the visceral attachment of the Senegalese Army to the values Republicans. This is not an army coups. Elle has always denied to interfere with policy matters politician.

To be Or certain Public Opinions hoped sending without waiting for a Mission ofassessment and D’intermediationposture that we share, the Presidentrocking ‘ a played the Card of the patient and the vigilance.

After to have lamented and condemned the violence of Events occurred, he chose to maintain a posture of vigilanceknowing that the quality of politicians in presenescence au Senegal, was a token of hope for an exit from crisis.

In reality, the socio-political proximity of the President rockingCissoko with Senegal gives him an advantage in understanding sociology politics of pays, and therefore of behavior projections possible actors policies.

With hindsight and the surprise announcement of the President macky Sall of it is pass to presentin the Elections of 2024, despite the appeal of his political group, we discover the high sense of political intuition of the President rocking’ .

His bet on the capacity of the Senegalese people, politicians, and the President macky Salla big brother he says he knows good, sound You seem to see them find ways to calm by themselves , without interferences exteriors, has been won .

A a few cable lengths from the end of his term of office head of ECOWAS, and certainly until the end PresidentUmaru Cissoko rocking stayra on the anvil to maintain the regional Institution in marche, and at the heart of the Political News of the sous-region.

Maybe that an assessment will be made of its passage to the head of the community institution, but already déjà we can make a few observations.

1. The legacy policy when he took office was not the most pleasing : in addition to the latent effects of the post-crisis covid, three countries Members are affecteds by one crisissafe because of Terrorism. Also of the countries are experiencing crises of political governance following cascading coups. L‘affair said Ivorian soldiers retained at Mali,and the effects of war between russia and ukraine are difficulties posed to the Presidency of the CEDEAO.

2. A Diploma uninhibited certainly fede by thelegacyPan-Africanist of pays , which made it possible to give ECOWAS a visibilityand an international audiences Never matcheds ; and by ricochet of give Guinea-Bissau an Image of country resolutely committed to developin peace, and respect for values democratic .

With the appeasement
course, and in view of his good knowledge of theecosystem policy Senegalese (the President rockingalso knows Mr. Sonko ) we are convinced that the Preludent Ebalo‘will spare no effort to consolidate the achievements of the new situation of appeasement.

We must be able to bring the Senegalese Brothers, despite everything, to surpass themselves more in order to share the tail of the Pays.

The Senegal will win, africa will win.

By Elhadj GENTLE Alzouma

Committed African

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