Clarification from the Public Prosecution regarding the death of the late Omar Hammadi Job

The representative of the republic in the western province of Nouakchott, Mr. Ahmed Ould Abdallah Ould El Mostafa, presented, in a press conference held today, Monday at the court’s headquarters, an explanation about the reasons and circumstances of the death of the late Omar Hammadi Job, pointing out that the announcement of the results of the final report will take place as soon as its elements are completed.

He said: “Immediately after it was informed of the death of the late Omar Hammadi Job, who died in the National Medical Center after being transferred to him from the Central Commission in Sabkha, the Public Prosecution Office opened an investigation into the incident.

In the framework of this investigation, the body of the deceased was dissected at the Forensic Medicine Department at the National Medical Center, in the presence of a representative and a lawyer for the family.

The forensic doctor decided to complete the autopsy with laboratory analyzes of samples of stomach content, blood and urine, and commented his final report on completing these analyzes, which were decided to be conducted in a foreign laboratory and work is underway to complete them as soon as possible, and in full coordination with the family and its lawyer.

The family was informed, in the presence of its lawyer and a doctor it appointed, of the preliminary data revealed by the autopsy and made some observations on it. All necessary investigative measures required to uncover the truth will be taken.

The police officers who were in the Commission on the night of the death were heard.

People who were with the deceased on the public street are also being traced when the police come.

The results of the final report will be announced as soon as its elements are completed, and because he is the final judge in the case, the Public Prosecution will arrange the legal consequences of it.

Public Prosecution.

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