Consider increasing the number of people performing military service

The Defense Minister said that he is studying to amend the Law on Military Service in the direction of increasing the number of people, reducing the time to enlist, and increasing the intensity of training.

Giving comments at the group discussion on the Bill on the management and protection of defense works and military zones on the afternoon of June 9, General Phan Van Giang, Minister of National Defense said, the number of people reaching the age of implementation of the project. Our country is crowded, but the number of exemptions and postponements is much.

This leads to a decrease in the number of years taken in a year and an increase in the age of not performing military service. Meanwhile, it is suggested that young people after graduating from university still have to perform military service like in Korea.

From there, it is necessary to calculate for the youth to serve in the army, to perform the military service of a citizen to the country.

According to , our country has 100 million people, and there are nearly 2 million eligible young people. In the coming time, the Ministry will work with the Central Military Commission to study and propose to amend the Law on Military Service.

General Phan Van Giang, Minister of National Defense (Photo: Tran Thuong).

General Phan Van Giang said that it will aim to reduce the subjects of exemption or postponement of military service. It is possible to increase the number, but reduce the length of service in the army and increase the intensity of training.

The Minister of Defense shared that when he was a soldier, while eating or sleeping, if there was an alarm from the unit, he had to remove the rice bowl or get up immediately to focus.

Therefore, he said that when sending young people to perform military service, it is necessary to train “so that they can be immediately available when needed”.

Article 4 of the 2015 Law on Military Service states that military service is a glorious duty of citizens serving in the People’s Army. Performing military service includes active duty service and service in the reserve ranks of the People’s Army.

According to Article 30 of the 2015 Law on Military Service, the age for military service is from full 18 years old to the end of 25 years old. Particularly in the case of male citizens who have been trained at college or university level and have been temporarily postponed, the age for enlistment will be until the end of 27 years.

In addition, Article 41 of the Law on Military Service and Circular 148/2018/TT-BQP stipulate some cases of postponement of enlistment.

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