Cotton and inputs: subsidies to keep prices favorable to producers

No increase in the purchase price of seed cotton or the sale price of inputs to producers for the 2023-2024 agricultural season. Like the purchase price of agricultural inputs, the authorities of Benin renewed Wednesday, June 14, the prices practiced during the last campaign.

Contrary to the 2022-2023 commercial campaign which saw a slight increase in the purchase price of seed cotton, the one to come remains static. The government has maintained at 300 CFA Francs for the 1st choice, the kilogram of conventional seed cotton and 250 F/kg for the 2nd choice.

Organic seed cotton will be purchased from producers at 360 F/kg for the 1st choice and 310 F/kg for the 2nd choice. “The levies intended for critical functions are set at 13 F/kg of seed cotton and at 5 F/kg of seed cotton for the strategic reserve”underline the report of the council of ministers.

30 billion CFA francs to support input prices

The selling prices of SSP and NPK fertilizers to producers are maintained “at 14,000 F, the 50 kg bag at 3,500 F or 4,000 FCFA that of the bottle of insecticide, as the case may be”.

Herbicides will be “sold at 3,500 F, 7,500 F, 7,011 F or 8,000 F, per liter depending on whether they are total, selective or early”.

For the Beninese Executive, these relatively affordable prices were obtained thanks to the support of the State. “The contribution [publique] will amount to more than 30 billion CFA francs”.

This grant will “to keep fertilizer prices at an affordable level for producers”, says the government. Because in the world, “The price of fertilizers remains high. Certain types of inputs are less and less available, in particular NPK [du fait] of the international situation. Thus, the 50 kg bag of urea should be sold at 27,000 F”.

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