Death of young Nahel: what is a crisis unit such as that convened by Emmanuel Macron this Thursday?

This Thursday, June 29, 2023, the President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron convened an interministerial crisis unit at 8 a.m. The triggering of this procedure is rare and involves a crisis control and resolution strategy in which several ministers are involved and meet at Place Beauvau.

The ministers met for a crisis meeting convened by the President of the Republic this Thursday. After a second night of violence triggered by the anger of demonstrators following the death of young Nahel during a police check, Emmanuel Macron took the decision to call a crisis unitreports BFM TV.

Management tool

“The interministerial crisis center (CIC) of Beauvau is the interministerial crisis management tool, placed under the authority of the Minister of the Interior” asks the site of the interior ministry. Created in 2008, the interministerial crisis unit (CIC) aims to take stock of an ongoing crisis and develop a strategy to resolve it and return to “normal” as quickly as possible, and with the least possible consequences. “.

“Generally, about fifty people are mobilized on the 800 m² of technical platforms, fully equipped with secure networks to allow the processing of sensitive information and with a 24-hour operating capacity”.

Three components form the CIC: the decision cell, the situation cell and the communication cell.


As its name suggests, this cell makes the decisions and has a strategic vocation. About twenty people compose it and formulate the proposals of the Prime Minister or the President of the Republic and articulate all these decisions between the political level, more discursive, and the operational plan, more empirical.

This unit is placed under the direction of the Ministry of the Interior or its chief of staff.


This cell is divided into two large sections. The first first makes a point synthetic on the situation before and the second looks at l’anticipation of the evolution of the crisis. The ministries most concerned are working together to find a way out. About twenty people make up this cell.


She is associated with the decision-making unit which transmits her work upstream. Composed of about fifteen people, it is dedicated to old informational to send elements back to the other two cells but also to communication to inform citizens in the other direction. In particular, it hosts the services of the Ministry of the Interior and produces publications on the social networks et language elements.

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