Déi Gréng leader and Paulo Aguiar believe in victory

The interview ended with the leader of the déi gréng, Meris Sehovic, and Paulo Aguiar playing football with the children playing in Parque Gerlach, right in the center of Differdange. “See what a safe park looks like?” It is with this question that Paulo Aguiar, candidate of the Greens, responds to the criticisms of the LSAP and CSV candidates who ask for more security in this green space that is emblematic of the city.

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“When I walk around Differdange I see that we have taken a big step forward in terms of green spaces, in a city that was also a pioneer in the field of transport, being the first town in the country to have an electric bus”, underlines the leader of the Greens. And not even on purpose does the bus pass by the garden. He is also proud of the work that “we have done with the youth houses, which are very active and dynamic and which reveal that young people are very committed and love the city”, he adds.

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“My expectation for Differdange is that, as we have demonstrated the added value of having a burgomaster from the Green party, that we will be re-elected. I am convinced that Paulo Aguiar will be a great burgomaster of the city to continue this good work”, he says confidently.

Especially because “in a changing world, the quality of life that is so good here in Luxembourg must continue: with green spaces, with mobility, so that we are not always stuck in traffic, also ensuring that there are schools where each child will have the same opportunities, regardless of their social, economic and cultural background. We have big challenges and I am convinced that déi gréng has a good program in the face of change” .

The party is also proud to be one of the parties with the most foreign candidates. Why? “As for nationalities, we bet on the diversity of our party at all levels and also on age, because we have very young candidates and also candidates with a lot of experience”, he says.

And he gives his example: “I am the son of migrants who arrived in Luxembourg in 1992, I was born in Belgrade, Serbia, and I arrived here like many other refugees, after the war in Yugoslavia”.

And it has very fond memories of its Portuguese neighbours. “I grew up with barbecues, with Super Bock and above all with bifana, which is what I like most and with that very Portuguese characteristic of enjoying life, socializing and music”, she confesses. Memories that she confirmed, last year, on a vacation trip to Lisbon.

“Diversity is a strength for our economy”

“The diversity that we experience here in Luxembourg, and in Differdange in particular, is a strength for our economy and for us to live it together”, underlines the leader of the party, Meris Sehovic.

The goal for Sunday’s elections is already defined. Déi gréng wants to gain more cities. Even because, in these communal ones, they present the largest number of lists in the party’s 40-year history.

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Paulo Aguiar had no doubts when choosing the political force he wanted to represent. “The Greens were the party that welcomed me as I am”, he confesses. Now he wants “more bike lanes, more public transport, more spaces to walk, build more affordable housing and mini-parks throughout the city”.

He recalls that he was the first Portuguese communal councilor to be elected in Differdange. And now he wants to be the first Portuguese burgomaster to be elected in Luxembourg.

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