Dental care will soon be less well reimbursed by Social Security, mutuals cringe

The coverage of the bill by Health Insurance will increase from 70% to 60% from October 1st. Mutuals denounce this choice which should cost them half a billion euros.

Massive blow to mutuals… and by extension to patients? The Social Security Department announced this Thursday, June 15, that from October 1, the coverage of dental care by Health Insurance will increase from 70% to 60%. A “unilateral and technocratic” decision denounced the president of the Mutualité française, Éric Chenut.

If complementary health insurance cringed after this announcement, it is because they will be responsible for offsetting the cost of this measure. However, it has been estimated at … 500 million euros.


Already, some of them have hinted that they will pass on the bill. “This decision will mechanically have consequences on contributions,” said the general delegate of the Technical Center for Provident Institutions (CTIP), Marie-Laure Dreyfuss. She also believes that the measure, since confirmed by the Ministry of Health, has “no added value on the level of care and overall reimbursement of the insured”.

Many ongoing negotiations

The mutuals are all the more reassembled as several negotiations have opened between the Health Insurance and various health professions. Dentists in particular, but also midwives or nurses. As for the doctors, we already know that they have obtained an increase of €1.50 per consultation, but the sum is far from enough for them and the showdown with Minister François Braun could lead, in the longer term, to to a new upgrade.

Suffice to say that the bill could still go up in the months to come. And that it will necessarily still be shared with the mutuals, and therefore the patients.

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