Donors: budget support will be firmly (…)

The partnership framework between Madagascar and the technical and financial partners (PTF) has taken on a new form. The monitoring and evaluation of the support granted by the partners will now be framed through a collaborative work methodology. The signing of the related document between the Malagasy government, represented by the Ministry of Economy and Finance, and its development partners on the management of Public Finances, represented by the European Union, took place on June 30th.

« Transparency, accountability, and the improvement of public administration are among the objectives of this collaboration, which are encompassed by the strengthening of a regular, frank and constructive dialogue. “, Communicated, the Ministry of Economy and Finance. The framework concluded between the two parties is materialized by periodic exchanges and sharing of information through a well-defined timetable.

This information is intended to indicate ” the effectiveness, coordination and alignment of support offered by partners with government priorities in terms of public finance reform; monitoring the progress of reforms and the current budget cycle, monitoring the results of studies and diagnostics; strengthening trust between the parties, ensuring the convergence of efforts and offering a space for exchange allowing the expression of the points of view and concerns of each institution According to the details sent by the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

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