ECOWAS: Patrice Talon tasked with renewing dialogue with countries in transition

The summit of the ECOWAS working group, which brought together 4 heads of state in Abuja on Tuesday, July 18, instructed the Beninese president to renew dialogue with the authorities of countries in political transition with a view to a rapid return to constitutional order. This is one of the resolutions of this meeting which also looked at the fight against terrorism in West Africa.

ECOWAS mediation in Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea is not changing hands; the mission of President Patrice Talon therefore does not replace it. The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Benin, Shegun Bakari made this clarification by specifying that the mission entrusted to Patrice Talon responds to a logic of “fraternity“. The Head of State therefore goes on behalf of ECOWAS, “restart the dialogue” with military authorities leading transitions in Mali, Burkina Faso and Guinea.

The Community of West African States is keen on a rapid return to constitutional order by implementing the respective timetables of these political transitions. The 4 Heads of State have “reaffirmed the commitment of ECOWAS to provide support for the organization of democratic, credible and inclusive elections in each of the three countries”mentions the final press release of the meeting.

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Military force against terrorism

At the security level, the reactivation of the military force is decided to fight against terrorism. The force will be made up of men provided by the Member States and above all financed with their own funds. This community response to the terrorist scourge does not exclude other initiatives deployed in the sub-region. Similarly, ECOWAS can directly support each State in its efforts.

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