“El Loco Tito” goes to trial along with seven other barrabravas from Belgrano

The “succession” in the management of the “Piratas” barra brava of Club Atlético Belgrano reached the Courts with accusations and requests for trial for eight fans of two factions vying for power inside and outside the Giant of Alberdi.

This dates back to September 2021, when the historical leader of the celestial fan club Roberto “Loco Tito” Ponce (65) announced his retirement and began to make movements in this regard, the dispute to control the movements of those who manage the bias in the stands, on trips and in different situations and events, she began to become very violent.

Some opposing bars began to threaten “Loco Tito” in his house in the Alberdi neighborhood, involving his family. According to the accusation of the prosecutor Guillermo González, he and his wife Olga Beatriz Montoya (62) responded to some of these threats, also by telephone.

From cell phones and social networks, the conflict escalated over the months and “jumped” to shootings and serious assaults. Ponce and two other Belgrano fans were injured in two of those episodes.

After investigating for several months, González “closed” a part of his investigation and sent Ponce, his wife and six other members of the pirate gang to trial. He charges them with various charges, depending on the case, such as threats, qualified threats, qualified weapon abuse, aggravated serious injuries and damage.

González gathered at this stage “eight facts” of mutual aggressions between both fan factions and sent “Loco Tito” Ponce, his wife Olga Montoya and Christian Alejandro “Coquito” Torres (38), Lucas Álvaro Luis Pavón (43) to trial. , Cesar Fabián “Toro” Moyano Páez (36), Edgardo Javier “Barny” Guzmán (36), Paul Antonio Corvalán (32) and Pablo Alejandro Pino (42).

González sends the eight defendants to trial, according to the following accusations: “Loco Tito” Ponce, his wife and Pino, for threats; “Coquito” Torres, for repeated threats (two events); Guzmán, as the perpetrator of weapon abuse; Moyano Páez as a necessary participant in the abuse of weapons; to Corvalán, serious injuries aggravated by the use of a firearm and abuse of a weapon; and Pavón, for damage.

Threats and attacks

The prosecutor’s accusation considers the confrontations to have begun on September 1, 2021 at 6:47 p.m. when “Coquito” Torres sends an extensive WhatsApp audio to “Loco Tito” and replies that he is not afraid of him, accuses him of talking to the Police and He tells her that he knows where his mother lives and that he can send her a photo of the facade of that house. Later, at 7:00 p.m., “Coquito” sent another audio to Ponce: “Who are you going to shit on, old man.” Later, Torres reproaches Ponce that he put cameras at the door of his house and that he talks to the police. Finally, he announces that he is going to shoot him.

Following the time line, it is now appropriate to locate the “fifth fact” of the accusation that describes a message (response) from Olga de Ponce to “Coquito” via telephone. In December 2021, she expressed to her husband’s rival: “If you want to enter, enter”, referring to the opposite barra brava. After insulting him in many ways, the woman threatens Torres: “I’m going to torture your house, I know where you live, I know where you keep the car, I know the children you have, so it’s like that, an eye for an eye.” , a tooth for a tooth, and you know that’s the way it is, chubby”.

On March 1, 2022, another rival fan of the Ponces, Pablo Alejandro Pino, wrote on Facebook to the daughter of “Loco Tito”, Jésica Romina Ponce. She asks him to end the attacks because her father had already withdrawn. “Nothing is finished, when the clan is extinguished – alluding to the Ponce family – it will end there,” was Pino’s response.

Then, chronologically, a Facebook message follows the site “Los Piratas Celestes de Alberdi”, on March 7, 2022, where “Coquito” writes via “Messenger” to Romina Ponce’s account. After insulting her, he insists that her father come out of her house. There, he tells her: “Go ahead, tell your dad to come out”, “he’s sure going to tell your mom to come out, if she comes out I’ll shoot your mom.” Then, Torres does not spare promises of violent attacks with firearms on the women of the Ponce family and also on the children.

Instructor.  Prosecutor Guillermo González frames the attacks in the dispute over the succession in control of the barra brava.  (The Voice / File)

On March 11, 2022, “El Loco Tito” writes to “Coquito”‘s cell phone and challenges him to go to the door of his house, which he was leaving. Ponce tells him: “Come alone, because I don’t have a gang, come alone, come I’m at the door and we’ll shoot each other hand to hand like men.” Later on, he tells her: “Where are you going, you’re going to feel persecuted, where you’re going, you’re going to have to walk and if you pretend to be alive, you’re going to see what’s going to happen to you in your mother’s house, because If you came to shoot here where there are disabled kids, put up with it when I shoot you shit”.

Another episode is also described, late in the afternoon of June 19, 2022, when “Toro” Moyano Páez and “Barny” Guzmán go by car to a bar on Silvestre Remonda at 479. There, Barney goes down and shoots six times at close range a firearm against Marcos Martín Gerbaldo and José Ignacio Gorostiaga. The latter received a bullet in the left foot.

At 8:40 p.m. on September 27, 2022, Paul Antonio Corvalán fired a 9-millimeter pistol in front of the Ponce house. There were “Crazy Tito”, his wife, his daughter Romina, David Emiliano Zapata and Eduardo Javier Guzmán. Roberto Ponce and Zapata end up with gunshot wounds to their lower limbs.

The last fact of this accusation was on February 3, at noon, in front of the Belgrano club, in Humberto 1° and Hualfin. There, Sergio Martín “Gaita” Acosta, from the Ponce faction, argued with the accused Lucas Álvaro Luis Pavón, the current Barrabrava leader of the club. Acosta pulled out a tube of pepper spray, sprayed it in Pavón’s face, and fled.

Then, Pavón went to Pavón’s Volkswagen Cross and caused numerous damages: broken glass in a window, a rearview mirror, two dented doors, scratches on the paint, and damage to the front bumper.

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