Electoral list: the total overhaul cost more than 45 billion (…)

The total overhaul of the electoral list cost the CENI just over 45 billion Ariary. The overhaul process, which started in October 2022, made it possible to register 10,768,137 voters throughout the country until June 10, 2023, the official closing date of the electoral register.

In the constitution, the total overhaul of the electoral list must be held every ten years, the last overhaul dates from 2010. The amount allocated to this overhaul is much higher than the budget provided for in the 2023 finance law for the organization of the ballot .

According to the CENI, it has reached just over 79% of its target in terms of the number of registrants. At the start, it was counting on 13 million registrations.

According to the explanations of the President of the CENI, Arsène Dama, yesterday during a press conference at his headquarters in Alarobia, registered citizens will have 20 days to make complaints or corrections to the fokontany. Latecomers will also have a last chance to register during this period. The national electoral register will be established on July 20, 2023.

The CENI claimed that the voters list was audited twice. The first was carried out by international experts commissioned by the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF), the second by national experts. They are still continuing their work.

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