Extended sales, opening of shops this Sunday… new measures announced after the riots

Following the riots that hit France after Nahel’s death, the government decided to extend the summer sales for a week until August 1 in order to relieve vandalized businesses. Other measures concerning businesses were announced this morning on France 2 by Olivia Grégroire, Minister of SMEs and Trade.

This Wednesday, July 5, important announcements will be made for businesses during the Council of Ministers. As part of an emergency reconstruction law following the riots in response to the death of Nahel, Olivia Grégroire, Minister of SMEs and Trade, announces that the sales will be extended for a week and that businesses will have the right to open this Sunday, specifies West France.

Vandalism and looting

The sales are times eagerly awaited by businesses and they started on Wednesday June 28, but the recent looting and vandalism that they have had to face have had a considerable impact on them. According to the government, “just over 1,000 businesses have been affected”, reports West France.

The government will launch an emergency law and financial aid for reconstruction, announced yesterday by the President before the 250 mayors affected by the riots. This will put in place three key measures to help and relieve businesses that are victims of vandalism and looting.

These measures announced this morning by Olivia Grégroire on France 2 are the extension of the one-week sales until August 1, the possibility of opening your business exceptionally this Sunday, July 9 as well as cancellations of charges for the most affected traders. “We are considering load cancellations on a case-by-case basis”, for the most impacted merchants, specifies Olivia Grégoire on France 2.

At the request of merchants, we take with @BrunoLeMaire two measures to support the return to stores:

ud83dudc49ud83cudffcExceptional opening of shops this Sunday organized by the Prefects

ud83dudc49ud83cudffcOne week extension of sales until August 1st pic.twitter.com/MwE6MznXdn

— Olivia Gregoire (@oliviagregoire) July 5, 2023

Confirmed aids

Bruno Le Maire confirmed this aid for traders and as for social charges, “it will mainly be postponements”. “When your business cannot restart, we will cancel the social and tax charges”, he confirms on West France.

To benefit from this aid, businesses must make a declaration of loss or operating loss to insurers as soon as possible. Bruno Le Maire insists on the “understanding” of banks and insurance companies and encourages them “to send compensation as quickly as possible” and to “reduce the amount of deductibles on compensation as much as possible”.

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