First time combining 2 endoscopic techniques in 1 surgery to remove kidney stones

The application of 2 endoscopic techniques in the same surgery is a new trend in the world and in Vietnam, Cho Ray Hospital is the pioneer in this technique.

Doctors at Cho Ray Hospital Endoscopic surgery for patients. (Photo: broadcast by VNA)

On May 11, information from Cho Ray Hospital in Ho Chi Minh City said that this unit has successfully applied two laparoscopic techniques in one surgery. kidney stones for a female patient.

The application of 2 endoscopic techniques in the same surgery is a new trend in the world and in Vietnam. Cho Ray Hospital is the pioneer in implementing this technique

Doctor, Doctor Chau Quy Thuan, Deputy Head of Urology Department, Cho Ray Hospital, said that a 58-year-old female patient from Vinh Long province came to Cho Ray Hospital with the desire to remove her kidney.

Before that, she had kidney stones and had surgery to remove 3 times within 15 years but the stones continued to recur, causing urinary tract infections. Patients often have fever, pain, affecting health and activities.

In addition, the patient must now wear ureter Very inconvenient. Every day, the patient excretes about 300-400ml of urine through the urinary tract, besides the patient can still urinate naturally.

Through examination, the doctors also determined that the patient’s right kidney function was still normal, so there was no indication to remove the kidney, but to perform surgery to remove kidney stones.

“In this case, if the open surgery method is used to remove the stone, it is easy to get infections and complications, so we decided to choose a new method, which is minimal intervention by combining 2 endoscopic routes. in the same surgery. One way to get stones through the skin, one way to take the stones upstream from the bottom up to remove stones, find and dissolve stones,” shared Dr.

The surgery was successful when the doctors removed all the stones in the kidney, while preserving the patient’s kidney.

Currently, the patient’s health is stable, no pain, no fever and can be discharged from the hospital in the next few days.

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