Forsa 2022: 11.5 million dirhams for the establishment of incubators

No less than 7 calls for tenders, for a total amount estimated at more than 11.5 million dirhams, have been launched by SMIT, the contracting authority, to select the incubators which will be responsible, at the level of several regions, for post-grant support for project leaders financed under the FORSA 2022 Program.

According to SMIT, this call for tenders is part of the operationalization of the provisions provided for in “the agreement relating to the financing and deployment of the FORSA program” for support for the development of entrepreneurship.

Post-creation monitoring aims to improve the chances of success for project leaders and increase the survival rate of their business and the sustainability of the jobs created. This will consist of individual and group support in the form of practical training, with engineering adapted to the needs of the beneficiary, on the basis of an initial assessment, explains SMIT.

The support will primarily cover the management skills essential to the proper conduct of the project and the implementation of the necessary management tools, it is indicated. It will also include the mobilization of sectoral expertise, or profession, appropriate to the beneficiary according to the nature of his project and the sector of activity, offering technical advice.

According to the terms of the call for tenders, the selected service providers must, among other things, mobilize and a network of experts according to the needs of the entrepreneurs they support and at least on legal, financial, commercial, market and digital marketing skills.

As a reminder, the results of the first edition of the program for 2022 amounted to 73,000 complete files, and the number of beneficiaries who received funding exceeded the planned number of 10,000. 50% of the projects financed enabled their promoters to move on to activities in the formal economy.

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