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It is considered “Free loveOr beads, one of the precious stones extracted from the ground, which was used in the past by Mauritanian women for decoration, and today there are very few remnants of the precious metal left by some old women. Its use in the special accessory industries
Precious stones in Mauritania or “free love” are not classified globally, but they were able to survive and withstand for a long time and are inherited by women. The beautiful thing about these gems is that some of them are single-colored, and some of them are rainbow-coloured types that are very beautiful, creative and attractive. Precious stones were and are still being extracted from some areas. Mauritanian stones are made in the form of raw stones, which are cut by industry specialists, either by rounding them or squaring them and piercing them to form earrings, necklaces and other traditional accessories.
It is interesting that these precious stones are inherited by housewives and are employed as a drug that helps in the troubles of time, and for that they are considered a manifestation of perfection in Mauritanian society, and with the passage of time and the disappearance of these stones, i.e. “free love”, gradually, the price of one of them ranges from one million Mauritanian ouguiyas and above That is, $ 3,500, and with that, the “free love” gems were not spared from the fashion and developments, as they are formulated with gold in various forms according to the customary traditional fashion.

Aisha Sidi Abdullah

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