Hamouchi inflicts severe penalties on a number of his employees

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Today, Saturday, July 1, the General Directorate of National Security issued a set of disciplinary penalties and job evaluation procedures against a number of police employees working at the Royal Police Institute, based on the results of a thorough scrutiny conducted by the services of the General Inspectorate of National Security.

The Director General of National Security had assigned the General Inspectorate to conduct a thorough research on the management of the Royal Institute of Police and its affiliated schools. The results of this research resulted in the recording of a set of dysfunctions, functional abuses and individual behaviors that deviate from the framework of security governance and the ethics of the police profession.

These disciplinary penalties included the temporary suspension of the Director of the Royal Institute of Police from work, pending his presentation to the Disciplinary Council, in order to decide on the violations attributed to him. The right of a police lieutenant colonel, and the warning penalty against three employees of the same institution, two with the rank of police brigadier general and a third with the rank of police inspector, with their redeployment to work outside police training institutions.

The disciplinary sanctions package also included sending notice letters to three police officers who were found to have failed to perform their job duties, and they are the rank of regional police brigadier general, excellent security officer and security guard, in addition to exempting a fourth officer with the rank of regional security commander from his duties and transferring him to work outside the institute. royal police.

In addition to these disciplinary measures, the results of the research conducted by the General Inspectorate for National Security suggested a set of job evaluation procedures, which aim to overcome the defects that have been detected, especially with regard to the implementation of the rules of good governance in the management of human resources and material means, as well as compliance The rules of the code of ethics for national security personnel.

These decisions fall within the context of the General Directorate of National Security’s keenness to closely follow up the smooth running of its central departments in charge of police training, especially in the aspect related to strict adherence to the controls of functional integrity and correct personal behavior, in a way that would reflect positively on the development and modernization of the police training system in various wires and specialties.

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