Hassan Aourid comes to Al Hoceima on his journey from the south

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It is expected that the Center for Legal and Social Studies will host, on Tuesday, July 18, 2023, at the Socio-Sports Complex in Al Hoceima, Dr. Hassan Aourid to present and sign the novel “A Journey from the South”, which was recently published in 240 pages by the Arab Cultural Center, as part of a series of intellectual and cultural meetings that the Center launched years ago, and as a download for its radio and academic program

For reference, Dr. Hassan Orid began his professional career as a cadre at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in charge of studies in the office of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. He was also appointed as a political advisor at the Moroccan Embassy in Washington, and worked as a professor at the National School of Administration. He is currently working as a professor of political science at the Faculty of Law in Rabat, and at the same time he assumes the task of scientific advisor in the Moroccan magazine “Zaman” specialized in history, and heads the Tariq Bin Ziyad Center for Studies and Research.

Dr. Hassan Orid is considered one of the writers who write in Arabic and French in the fields of thought and creativity. He writes in the field of intellectual criticism, poetry and the novel. Several books have already been published in this context, including “Islam, the West and Globalization” in 2006 on the publications of Time, as well as “Those Events” on the Tariq Bin Ziyad Center and the author of “The Broken Mirror of the West, which is a critical study of some Western ideas on the religious, cultural and economic levels,” “The Decline of the West” in 2019 and “Politics and Religion.” in Morocco” in 2020

In the field of poetic creativity, several works were published by him, including “Fayrouz Al-Muheet” in 2009, “Mustafa’s Diary” on the publications of Abi Regreg in 2010. As for the novel, Dr. In the year 2017, he published the novel “Rawaa Makkah” and “The Spring of Cordoba” by the Arab Cultural Center, and in the year 2019 the novel “Hadith Al-Shajn” and “Rabat Al-Mutanabi” and in the year 2021 the novel “A World Without Landmarks” and “The Adornment of the World” and in the year 2022 the novel “Al-Mocho”

It is worth noting that the Center for Legal and Social Studies was established in Al Hoceima in 2016 by a group of researchers and academics in order to enrich scientific research.

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