How and why did Prigozhin’s sword become dominant over the Kremlin and over Africa…?

Drop criminal charges against group fighters Wagner military and their commander Eugene Prigogine It may not hold much against the possibility of circumventing the agreement according to which they abandoned the rebellion in return for not being held accountable and brought to justice: the investigation by The Kremlin In the management of funds, (one billion and one hundred thousand dollars, provided by the state for Wagner Between May 2022 and May 2023 – according to the president Putin)- maybe the way to pursue Prigogine before the judiciary. In this case, how will the concerned act?

It is unlikely that he will obey the command easily. On the contrary, given the elements of power he maintains: a significant part of his forces remained or will remain under his command in Belarus, and she did not fully release the weapon. It says that 02% of the range Wagner They are the ones who signed the agreement with Russia Judge their demobilization or subordination to the Ministry of Defense and Russian forces. We do not know exactly whether these accounts02٪), the group includes the whole or is it limited to those on the Ukrainian battlefields, without their colleagues The Middle East And in Africa: Syria, Libya, Sudan, Central Africa, Mozambique

It is true that forces Wagner The rebel handed over, or will surrender, its heavy weapons to the Russian forces, but what is the fate of its other weapons?

Having an important part of Wagner in Belarus And with them weapons, whatever their caliber or type, should not be a dangerous tool in their hands Prigogine Can he use it against the Russian regime, and perhaps also as a means of pressure on his host country?

Even if the latter can BelarusUsing these gunmen as a card in negotiations with her garrison- RussiaIs it safe from the dangers of an irregular foreign armed force that has shown its loyalties to fluctuate?

On the other hand, what are the repercussions of this rebellion and its repercussions on the personnel and units of the regular Russian armed forces? Isn’t it feared that it will arouse feelings of discontent among some, especially if it is very difficult or if the Russian military position in the region worsens? Ukraine؟

And on another geographical scale, where hundreds of group elements are spread Wagner in many countries ofthe black ContinentIn turn, shouldn’t African countries beware of irregular soldiers who may become mercenaries on their soil?

personally reminds me Prigogine and his militias, whatever the institutional or contractual framework for their work in African countries, with the risks and threats posed by the French mercenary Bob JD (Bob Denard) and what the latter played in Africa of provoking unrest under the umbrella of politics.France-Afrique(Françafrique) or of his own free will without the blessing of the French state.

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