“I wanted to make myself useful”: Jean Castex, president of Face, also acts against all forms of exclusion

The former Prime Minister was in Béziers this Wednesday, July 12 to meet entrepreneurs, volunteers and beneficiaries. He made a detour to the Béziers hospital then presented the insignia of a legion of honor. He will be this Thursday in Toulouse.

If Jean Castex was keen to measure his popularity in the provinces, he could largely find his trip to the Hérault something to reassure himself. The former Prime Minister of Emmanuel Macron, now President of the RATP came to meet, in Béziers, representatives of the six Face clubs (Foundation to act against exclusion) of which he is the national president “on a voluntary basis”, since a year. A foundation that fights against discrimination, inequalities and above all the difficulties of access to employment

He was able to meet entrepreneurs engaged in the fight against exclusion but also, in the Biterrois premises of Face Hérault, located in Devèze, a priority district of the city, people supported by the Foundation. Easy to approach, affable, eager to exchange, he shows himself to listen, does not hesitate to tease his interlocutor and to have fun with their exchanges.

Encourage companies

“I’m really glad you’re here”, even throws out a beneficiary when she is presented with the Kino de Narbonne project, which consists of shooting videos by neighborhood residents, all supervised by image professionals. This Wednesday morning, Jean Castex and his cap as president of the foundation, met the leaders of Genvia, a subsidiary of Schlumberger and the CEA to encourage them “to commit to allowing return to work and integration. This sector will create hundreds of jobs and we want, with Face, to see how this will benefit the whole territory and in particular the most precarious populations. I also come to see the field actions of all these clubs“Which are involved in many themes ranging from the digital divide as will be the case this Thursday in Toulouse, or gender-based violence in the workplace…

The former head of government got involved in Face because: “When I left Matignon, I said that I wanted to make myself useful. I was offered these functions that correspond to me. Especially since I myself have become a business leader who has a leading role in the fight against exclusion”.

“I do not deny in any way the period when I was Prime Minister”

Jean Castex has multiplied, in recent months, travel with the territories and he has not lost the thread of this easy contact. From there to put his popularity as a former Prime Minister towards new political ambitions? No ! He responds bluntly: “It did not escape you, I left politics. Now, I try to make myself useful. I do not deny the period when I was Prime Minister. I have always said that I was happy at Matignon, but I don’t do anything for the post after”.

After his stop at Face Hérault, Jean Castex went to Béziers hospital to sign an agreement but also to inaugurate a pediatric unit which he helped to finance at the request of director Philippe Banyols. He ended his Hérault tour by presenting the insignia of Chevalier in the National Order of the Legion of Honor to Agnès Jullian, very involved in regional and Biterroise politics, now president of Technilum, a PM which manufactures aluminum urban lighting .

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