Imminent launch of GPT-4, the new model of OpenAI

Microsoft Germany CTO Andreas Braun announced at the KI im Fokus event that the launch of GPT-4 is imminent. Successor to the famous GPT-3, this new OpenAI model is eagerly awaited by developers and AI specialists.

An innovative multimodal model

GPT-4 is able to handle multiple formats, including video, thanks to multimodal AI. This ability to support several types of content is a real revolution in the field of artificial intelligence.

Confirmed success with ChatGPT

The arrival of ChatGPT has allowed the general public to discover the capabilities of OpenAI models, especially those based on GPT-3.5. OpenAI’s technologies have been accessible since 2020 via their API, allowing developers to easily integrate ChatGPT’s technology into their applications through a dedicated API.

ChatGPT has seen great success, reinforcing expectations around GPT-4. Rumors point to a launch scheduled for the first quarter of 2023, which could be confirmed as early as this week.

Exact abilities still unknown

At the moment, little information is available on the exact capabilities of GPT-4. However, it is confirmed that it will be presented next week and will be optimized for model training.

Expectations are very high around this new model, which should allow new advances in artificial intelligence.

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