In Talleres, Nahuel Bustos left with muscle discomfort

Nahuel Bustos did not finish the game against Rosario Central as expected. It is that the striker from Talleres retired with some discomfort in the right adductor, after the game this Sunday at the Kempes stadium.

The striker had entered in the second half for Valentín Depietri and made a pair with Michael Santos. He had two chances to convert and scored against Michael Santos, something very important for Talleres to define the game.

It was the return match for Bustos, after the contracture he suffered against San Lorenzo. The striker traveled to La Plata for the match with Estudiantes, but he did not enter. What did Gandolfi say about his entry into the complement of the match against Central. “I wasn’t ready to go from the start. The idea is that Garro and Ortegoza would generate that volume of play that we needed, thinking that the opponent would play with a line of five. When doing it with four, several times we had to go hand in hand, ”said the DT of Talleres.

Finally, Bustos withdrew again with a discomfort in the right adductor and his evolution will have to be followed to determine if he can be in the game against Racing, next Sunday at the Cilindro de Avellaneda.

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