Inchiri leads the recent Seal Prep and Western Basin success rates

The state of Inchiri topped the states in terms of success rates in the preparatory lessons closing competition, by recording a success rate of 74%, while the Western Hodh state was at the bottom of the success rates, as the percentage did not exceed 40%.

The western state of Nouakchott ranked second in terms of success rates, with a rate of: 71%, the state of Brakna came third with a rate of: 65%, the Mauritanian center in the financial capital Bamako and the northern state of Nouakchott ranked fourth with a rate of: 64%.

And in the fifth rank in terms of success rates, the state of Adrar came with a rate of: 63%, and Tiris Ezzumour and Kidi Maga came in the sixth rank with a rate of: 61%.

And in the seventh rank came the Ministry of Agriculture with a rate of 56%, while the two states of Korkel and Dakhlet Nouadhibou came second with 54%, and in the ninth rank came the wilaya of Takan with 52%.

As for the lowest success rate, it was recorded in the wilaya of Hodh El Gharbi, with 40%, followed by the wilaya of southern Nouakchott, with a rate of: 41%, the wilaya of Assaba, with a rate of: 46%, and the wilaya of Hodh El Sharkeya, with a rate of: 48%.

Yesterday, I announced the results of the preparatory lessons final competition, and the number of registered participants reached 71,692, while the number of successful people reached 42,109, and the number of repeaters reached 29,583, and 1889 of those registered for the exam were absent, while 403 participants were excluded.

The success rate of those registered reached 38%, and of the attending participants reached 39%.

The age of two of the participants in the competition was 37 years old, and they did not succeed in succeeding, while the age of the oldest winner in the competition was 35 years old, a girl born in the city of El-Ayoun, the capital of the Western Basin.

Three 11-year-old students applied to participate in the competition, and one of them passed, the student Manatallah Abdel-Jalil, who was born in Tiaret in 2012.

Excellence schools captured 13 of the top twenty seats in the competition, which represents 65%, and the share of private schools within the first twenty did not exceed five seats.

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