increase in filing fees

According to the Minister of Civil Service and Administrative Reform, Joseph Le, 1,610 places are added to the number of candidates recruited in 2022.

For the 2023 season, the civil service is offering 2,685 places for the recruitment of new State civil servants. They are divided into 2,235 places for new recruitments and 450 for professional competitions which have not been opened for about four years. Last year, the Civil Service recruited 1,070 new agents, an increase of 1,610 places in 2023. This increase is occurring simultaneously with that of the competition fees.

In 2023, candidates for the various open will pay between 5,000 FCFA and 10,000 FCFA depending on the category, to register for the competition. Those in categories A and B will pay 25,000 instead of 15,000. Those in categories C and D will spend 20,000 FCFA instead of 15,000 FCFA. At the end of the registrations, the accumulated amount will be divided into two lines. 60% will go to the organization of the competitions and 40% to the Public Treasury, explained Minister Joseph Le.

According to the member of the government, this increase in competition fees is in accordance with the finance law for the 2023 financial year. It is consecutive “ new measures to optimize non-tax revenue, as described in the circular from the Minister of Finance, relating to the execution of finance laws, monitoring and control of the execution of the budget of the State and other entities public for the 2023 financial year “explains the minister.

Apart from this increase, the candidates of the 2023 season face the increase in the price of stamps on the market. The prices of tax and postal stamps have increased by 500 CFA francs since the beginning of the current year.


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