Insecurity in Córdoba: a taxi driver was fiercely assaulted and his face was cut with a broken bottle

A new act of insecurity against a taxi driver occurred in the early hours of this Monday, May 1 in Córdoba capital, more specifically in the Bella Vista neighborhood area.

According to the testimony of the worker at the steering wheel at Miter 810, it all began when a couple went up to the unit on Julio A. Roca street at 1,100, and asked for a ride to the center after passing through the aforementioned neighborhood.

It was in this context that they made him stop in one of its streets and tried to rob him. The worker resisted inside the taxi and got into a fight with both of them. At one point, he was attacked with a cut and sharp bottle in his face and in his arms.

“I have 13 points on my face and others on my arm, you can’t go out to work like this anymore, brother, you don’t know what’s going to happen to you,” the taxi driver told that medium.

He confirmed that there were two people who attacked him and that he never thought that this couple was going to assault him.

As you passed, you picked up a couple a block and a half from the nightclub on Julio A Roca, they went up with the idea of ​​going downtown, a beautiful view, bottle on the neck

they gave him 13 stitches on his face and others on his arm

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