Intellectuals and patriotic elites of Niger facing their responsibilities in the face of history.

We have no room for error this time. We should not let our dear country, Niger, at the mercy of neo-colonialist, neo-imperialist powers and their comprador bourgeois accomplices and other minions, lead the country to the abyss.

The role of patriotic intellectuals and elites is to tell certain truths to political leaders about the conduct of the country’s affairs, to enlighten the vast majority of citizens, to awaken in them the patriotic awareness of fighting for the defense of the country.
Niger must remain upright, determined to effectively face the great enormous challenges that beset it.

Impossible is not Nigerian, instead of lamenting in the “Fadas”, spending our time peddling gossip, false news, let’s organize ourselves to get our dear country out of this painful, dramatic situation in which it finds itself despite the enormous human and natural resources with which God has bestowed it.

Consequently, each in his field must contribute his stone to the construction of the national edifice.
Admittedly, the minions, the hypocrites, the supporters of the least effort, the cowards, the feeble-minded, etc., will undoubtedly find something to say to discourage this saving initiative, we do not have the right to resign in the face of the adversity, to the subjective criticisms of some.

Niger our dear homeland has given us everything, we should fight to safeguard its territorial integrity, its dignity and its honor.

The contribution of Nigerian patriotic intellectuals and elites is more than necessary. It is a patriotic duty!
It is Niger that will come out grown and a winner!

On good terms, hello!


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